Defining week in European politics that could finally see the EU implode:TheFitz David Coomber

This  may well prove to be a defining week in the political landscape not just in the UK but across Europe as the people rise up to vent their anger  at the failed project of the self serving gravey train that is the EU. This is not just about Brexit anymore, all over Europe people are waking to the realisation they are living in a Marxist superstate  where each day the state takes more and more control over our independent thinking and civil rights and as is the case in France of the yellow vests ,the police are more then willing to use extreme force . Most worrying is the total control the state has over the mainstream media and the continuation of closing down social media sites on the grounds of fake news or undefined hate speech. Ironic that the one publisher never to be found printing misinformation is now in prison facing 99 years for telling the truth , Assange must be silence by the state for the good of the propaganda machine we call the press. The signing of the UN migration compact by the EU may well prove the final straw of the globalist elite camels back.

David Coomber TheFitz