Tommy Robinson isn’t going away: TheFitz David Coomber

Tommy Robinson arrived at the Old Bailey and immediately turned his forthcoming court appearance into a political really to further his campaign chances of becoming an MEP. The waiting crowd applauded every word of his impromptu speech with fanatical devotion, yet once away from his adoring fans into the hostile environment of the courtroom the two high court judges were granted permission for the application to be forwarded to the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox for the case to be retried.

Under his real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon he was told he will be retried for the alleged and contentious contempt of court charge for which he has already served prison time of two months of a 13 month sentence after the first trial found him guilty of filming a Facebook live video during the ongoing trial of a Asian gang accused of sexual abuse of under aged girls,  the judge at the time considered Robinson’s actions put the case in jeopardy, but on appeal he was released. He now faces a new charge of causing anxiety to the gang who have since been convicted.

It would seem Tommy Robinson is the Marmite of the political world that you either love or hate with little middle ground to actually look at the facts of this case independent of a personal political preference, but that is precisely the objective encouraged by the mainstream media where journalistic integrity  extends no further than the political narrative of the paper they represent as the preach to an audience of the converted who have long since stop caring about the actually situation or facts and more about the endorsement of their own opinion of those involved . As they say the first casualty  of war is truth and judging by the opposing groups in the streets outside of the Old Bailey we are most certainly in a tinderbox situation of a pre-civil conflict on a scale not seen since the English Civil War.


Among the usual army of cameramen and journalists outside of the court, the familiar  figure of Ezra Levant of the Rebel Media, the former Sun News frontman, here in London with a team of independent reporters to oversee and add a balance to the ongoing saga of this case.

The May government already under investigation from the UN regarding allegations of human rights abuse in the treatment Julian Assange,  received not only in the time  spent at the Ecuador embassy ,but also the harsh treatment he has received since his arrest and imprisonment in the Category A prison Belmarsh fighting extradition to the US. Many will now see the Robinson retrial  as another example of the weaponisation of the British legal system to suit a political agenda, the truth of which seems of little importance to the supporters of both sides of the political argument long since lost to the idiosyncratics of identity  politics.

words/pictures David Coomber TheFitz