The great Breixt lie

Did PM May deliberately lose her majority in the last election to make a clean Brexit immposible ? At the time of the election the statements that flowed out of number 10 became harder and harder to understand, first the announcement that if she won she would crack down on fake news aka  public opinion, by creating the most policed Internet of any country in the west. Now consider that the Brexit vote was achieved despite the MSM on line by people talking to people (something the government had no control over) so by the same logic this announcement was hardy likely to induce Brexit voters to vote to be silenced. Next we had a statement that pensioners were living to long and costing the NHS/government to much money, totally ignoring some important facts like the historic low interest these very same people received on their life savings totally billions ,keeping the country  and the NHS afloat , As opposed to the vast army of remain voters in short term zero hour jobs living from hand to mouth up to their ears in credit card slavery and student loans or in the case of the NHS the vast army of medical tourism flooding into the country for free treatment. The NHS was never intended to be the International health service, a fact that seem to escape May’s press office at a time when they should have been pumping out the usual empty election promises they seemed to be deliberately alienating the very voters they should have been trying to attract. 

May was perfectly aware that she still has enough credibility with her promise of delivering Brexit to win the election but at the same time a reduced majority would be enough to throw a few spanners into the works to give her enough time to drag her heels to our present situation. 

The British people have been lied too, the French under Macron feel the same, in fact the wave of popularism sweeping the EU is testament the people have had enough of self serving career politicians and are taking back controls . Mrs May should be aware of of the lessons of history that this never ends well.