The lonely vigil


All around the world World Press Freedom Day has seen many demonstrations in support of Julian Assange, yet outside Belmarsh prison the  present if unwelcome residency of Assange, only one man has decamped in a lonely vigil to bring to the attention of both the passing motorists and the prison authorities that Assange is not silenced or forgotten.


Brisbane born Ciaron O’Reilly in defiance of the ASBO issued by Greenwich council on the grounds that his conduct is having a detrimental effect on the quality of life of others in the locality, is not impressed and by the show of support he received in the short time I spent talking to this intelligent articulate man I would agree, that far from having a detrimental effect he is generating a healthy degree of support from the public slowly waking up to this government and the reality of democracy and free speech.

Ciaron cannot do it alone and any support he can get would be most welcome, you can  find him outside the gates of Belmarsh for as long as it takes for the police to move him on or of course until Assange walks free.



David Coomber TheFitz