Assange is our national embarrassment on World press freedom day.

Belmarsh prison the present home of Julian Assange could never be described as aestictically pleasing but of course this category A prison was never intended to be pleasing on the eye. Built in 1991 to house those men seen as high risk or exceptional high risk to the public, the police and national security. Assange it would seem although jailed for 50 weeks for the comparatively minor offence of jumping bail is now regarded as an exceptional high risk given that he is now confined to his small cell for 23 hours a day.

Today is World Press Freedom day , a day in which we remember those journalists around the world jailed by ruthless governments to silence truth, we in the west have always been critical of dictatorial government’s who impose a silencing of truth, not anymore , the treatment of this man is our national disgrace but as we have seen with the government’s handling of the democratic process regarding Brexit and the snubbing of a genuine asylum seeker Asa Bibi the May government knows no shame.

David Coomber TheFitz