Julian Assange sentenced to 50 weeks in prison

Ironic that on the day the UK courts sentenced Julian Assange to almost a year in prison after being found guilty of violating his bail conditions, the army of press decamped  outside of the court who have largely ignored the injustice of his plight especially in light of the fact that they have all profited from th information given to them free from Wikileaks, are now here to represent the greatest injustice of law since the crucifixion.

After years of self imposed imprisonment in the Ecudor embassy in London under he most inhuman conditions, this further detention will achieve nothing more than  gain the much needed time to arrange  his extradition to the USA where a far greater punishment awaits him.

Our future is as uncertain as Assange’s and from now on news as we know  it will be seen through the distorted  lens of the editorial narrative itsel  closely monitored  by the government or should I say the US government and the plight of Assange will act as a future deterent to anyone that thinks freedom truth and democracy are a birthright not a luxury to be protected.

Words/pictures David Coomber TheFitz

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