24/7 vigil outside the Ecuador Embassy as supporters fear for the safety of Julian Assange after unknown intruder tries to break into the room where Assange is sleeping.


The Ecuador  government is under pressure to end the situation and hand Assange over to the police and evitual extradition  as a Christmas present to the US, the latest developments suggest that his abduction from the Embassy would  by-pass the red tape of diplomatic protection or a more  sinister suggestions,,his assassination by persons unknown would again avoid the embarrassment of breaking  every law related to diplomatic asylum protection. This is a issue far greater than the fate of one man, it represents the one single avenue of a free unbiased press, simply put once the establishment silence Assage and Wikileaks for these ludicrous charges of espionage,  for doing nothing more then any publisher has done and should be doing in the future , printing news. Not once as anyone  questioned the facts printed by Wikileaks to be untrue nor is Assage accused of hacking the information, the only crime he is accused of is printing the truth and that is not a crime.