Premerture celebrations to the PMs precieved sell out of Brexit.


A group of men gathered today in Parliament Square and sang no more Brexit, give us our passports. One banner read “I came seeking refuge now I’m seeking a passport”.

Reports suggest from a cabinet source that only one cabinet minister Michael Grove spoke in favour of the prime minister’s deal, Grove incidentally is remembered as the man who stabbed Boris Johnson in the back after the referendum, ruining his chances of becoming PM. Nigal Farage is quoted on LBC “This is the lowest  point I’ve seen in my lifetime in terms of a British government and the trust that it has from the people”. The latest news is that the cabinet has been locked in a five-hour meeting and Christopher Hope tells the Telegraph that the cabinet has signed off on the deal to take Britain out of the EU.


Tomorrow we will know the details but as to be expected the devil will be in the detail. Whatever the outcome 17.4 million people will fill betrayed by both mainstream parties and a change in the political landscape is inevitable and as we have seen in both the US and Brazil the people will turn to a populist candidate to fill the vacuum left in the ruins of democracy. Tommy Robinson/Nigal Farage as PM, never say never.

Words/pictures David Coomber TheFitz