The Story The Mainstream Media Ignored.


For ten years the mainstream media has all but ignored the plight of Pakistan’s untouchables, the embattled minority of Christians who suffer daily for their belief in a country where the difference of opinion especially, religious opinion under the uncompromising blasphemy laws that can see you tortured or even as we now see in the high-profile case of Asia Bibi sentenced to death. Although Bibi has now been  acquitted of blasphemy charges and released from death row where she had faced beheading,  she is now living in fear in a secret location, as is far to often is the case in Pakistan, the mob can and does take the law into their own hands.

Asia Bibi is of course headline news now only because the British government has refused her asylum on the grounds that it may cause unrest within the Muslim community here , the same government incidentally that welcomes returning Jihadis back with open arms. This only adds to the list of double standards the Conservatives under the leadership of the insipid Mrs May, who once was quoted as saying Sharia law would be good for this country,  and whose actions once again brings this country into moral disrepute and our reputation as a safe haven for genuine asylum seekers in tatters.

The uproar that greeted the news of Bibi’s release in the capital Islamabad is reflective of the increasingly intolerant atmosphere that the Christian minority  face in a country where radical and sectarian groups are becoming more powerful. But even now the focus of these people’s suffering will be overshadowed by our own governments public humiliation in dealing with this situation in such an undignified way and casts the spotlight back on why this country now fears the reaction of one sector of the community. This is after all the self-same government  that has in the past few years  been keen to open the floodgates to any so-called asylum seekers in their tens of thousands and regardless of where they came from. This in turn begs the question of what is Mrs May’s real agenda in light of the dangers that the British public are already subjected too in appeasing fanaticism and the realisation the greatest danger to our sercurity may well be the attitude of our own government.

Words picture David Coomber TheFitz