The Problem with Anonymous; nobody tells you anything.


Somebody should inform this poor soul, the system has been fucked for some time and as a protest statement it is as arbitrary as demanding more jam in doughnuts.

Press photographers are a resilient bunch of people at the best of times they have ways of turning a peaceful Sunday church fate into a street riot with that single picture that’s worth a thousands words, albeit with a little mood lighting and some well-drilled choreography. Tonight those skills have been put to the utmost test and tomorrows newspaper will have to work very hard to again add a milestone to the lawless reputation of Anonymous. In previous years, the  annual protest that snakes from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square, has in fairness tried to live up to the burdening reputation given by the media, armies of anarchists running amok, even shipping in a few profession anarchists to stage manage proceedings. So what happened tonight, only 300 protesters turned up, half of those seemed to have started the proceedings of  celebrating the overthrow of capitalism a little prematurely with a beer or two and perhaps a little weed just to add to that atmosphere of decadence, but with the best will in the world the whole event was as flat as a witch’s tit.


Sorry but I find it professionally embarrassing when ten photographers rush to take pictures of a plump lady in an  M&S anorak holding up a protest banner as her less than enthusiastic partner delicately waves around an embarrassingly small smoke bomb (and yes in this situation size matters). But apart from a few rejected looking figures wandering around bemoaning the effort they had made with their outfits and of course a lot of drunks shouting profanities at the bored looking police escort, the evening ended mercifully early like a damp firework and Im off to the pub.

Words/Pictures David Coomber TheFitz