The Politics of Chaos:The slave mentality



To create a police state, first remove the police, soon crime will escalate and then within a short time the public will beg for more police control.

I first read that in a small book titled the politics of chaos many years ago which was essentially a blue print of how a state can take total  control  over its citizens with their utmost consent. I have since searched many times for that manuscript without success.

At the time of reading it I was sceptical and still innocent enough to believe that we lived in the land of comparative free speech and personal freedom,but the events of the last ten years have proved if nothing else, that truth is not only the first casualty of war as the late Senator Hiram Warren Johnson once remarked, but seen as a criminal offence in the new age political scenario. Julian Assange can testify to the price of freedom of speech and the publication of truth , his enforced stay in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the fashionable area of Knightbridge just yards away from the prestigious Harrods store now enters its sixth and perhaps final year, as pressure grows on Ecuador to turn him over to the British police. Not for the original charge of rape incidentally which he has always denied and have now been dropped by the Swedish authorities ,but for the lesser charge of jumping bail back in 2012. But it’s no secret that this would only be the first step in the process of his extradition to the US to face charges of espionage for leaking the documents supplied by Chelsea Manning. These charges under US law still carry the death penalty. The UK government has yet to offer any assurance that they will not extradite  him to  the US or that an extradition request has been received but that situation could change very rapidly should he be taken into custody.

After six years sharing the cramped space with the embassy staff the situation as one would expect is beginning to become strained and Assange has been given a list of unreasonable rules that he must obey or leave the embassy and turn himself in to the authorities.This is a scenario that is only going to end one way and sooner or later Assenge will be arrested and in all probability extradited to the US.

At the time of the Wikileaks disclosures Assenge and Manning were both hailed as champions of free speech and truth but since then the public support has dissipated to a handful of followers who continue the daily protest outside the embassy and a handful of academics and journalists who keep up the pressure of clarity regarding the process of law surrounding his inhuman treatment. Confined to such a  small space  for so long that must be taking its toll on his health and now without internet access or telephone to restrict his access to the outside world, so afraid are the establishment of the power of Wikileaks and the influence Assenge still has . Obama in his last days in office released Chelsea Manning after serving 7 years of her 32 year sentence but Assenge cannot expect any favours from the Trump administration even if his election campaign benefited from the Wikileaks disclosures regarding  the Russian  emails hacked from Podesta and the Democratic National committee that  discredited the Clinton campaign losing her the critical Catholic vote. But for all the efforts of Wikileaks and the sacrifices of the freedom of both Assenge and Manning, where is the appreciating mob of followers banging down the embassy doors demanding the release of Assenge from this self-imposed prison, the sad fact is most people don’t know or care, we live in an age of apathy ignorance and box ticking identity politics, where the augmentation of a population is in such an advanced state that people don’t question the comfortable rhetorical politics spoon fed them by the state controlled media.

Jordan Peterson, Tommy Robinson, Nigel Farage and Julian Assange make a strange set of bed fellows, yet all have one thing in common, they are judged by an audience who if questioned would admit to knowing very little about them, yet all of these people can evoke a contentious reaction from the public at the mere mention of their names when first primed by the one-sided opinion given by a disparaging prejudged media campaign.

Tell someone they are in a prison and the will always be thinking of escaping, convince them that they are free and you will imprison them for life.

Words/pictures David Coomber TheFitz