HOOKED:The Science Gallery

When want becomes need

This small but interesting exhibition, the first in the Science Gallery’s new permanent space is a must see for anyone interested in the fusion of science and art. This free to enter exhibition explores addiction and recovery as it takes us on the journey into the complex world of addiction.

Addiction isn’t a problem that is just confined to high-profile  excesses of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, in fact most of us at some time in our lives will be addicted to something and will not even realize it to be a problem until want becomes need. This exhibition explores addictions that we never knew existed as such, smartphones, social media, gambling. When was the last time (apart from Sleeping)when you went 10 minuets without looking at your phone. Hooked questions what makes the human condition so vulnerable to addiction and puts under the microscope the underlying factors and routes of recovery.


We live in an informed age where we no longer stigmatize and sweep unde the carpet social standards that don’t conform to the fiction of normality and Hooked invites us to challenge the stigma of addiction and to consider it a health issue we are all susceptible to, rather than a personal weakness or failing. In fact with a deeper insight into what makes us addicted we can also look at the ways the advertising industry takes advantage and manipulates the  buttons of our human condition that turn on  the very things that course the misery addiction, addiction after all, is a lucrative business not only for drug dealers, but large corporation as we have witnessed with the tobacco industry.


Hooked was developed in association with people who have thenselves known the mesery of addiction and the painful road to recovery. They have worked alongside established and up-and-coming artists and photographers from around the world, including Rachel Maclean, Oivia Locher and Richard Billingham, to explore this fascinating subject and asks the question of not only  how we can recognise addiction but how we can protect ourselves and our children from a consumerist society.


Hooked opened to the public on the 21 September-6 January 2019

opening times 10.00-18.00 Tuesday-Sunday closed Mondayapart from Bank Holidays.

The Science Gallery is part of Kings College London.

Words/photographs David Coomber TheFitz