Don’t Panic; it’s only World Zombie Day


Stumbling along Oxford Street on a wet windy Saturday afternoon, sidestepping armies of umbrella waving shoppers, one could be forgiven in thinking the whole of London had taken World Zombie Day to their hearts and was joining in, but no this was only the usual status quo doing what the status quo does best, in buying things they don’t want or need with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like, oblivious to the obvious phenomenon happening around them of accelerated climate change that has seen the temperature in the capital drop from a very pleasant 24c to freezing in less than 24 hours.

Now how difficult can it be to find 300 Zombies in one street; well very, being the answer when the street is the most populous shopping area on the planet and it’s the most popular day of the week for flashing the cash. Now im running (literally) late having missed the starting point at Marble Arch and as we all know Zombies are notoriously bad at keeping to plans being as they are the undead, they could be anywhere.


But all’s well that ends well and thankfully the other well-known characteristic of Zombies, is their inability to do anything very quickly and their they all are Zombing at Hyde Park  Corner looking every bit the Hollywood typecast of every Zombie ever to hit the big screen.

Now I’m not a person easily impressed, but i was  blown away by the effort and authenticity of the outfits and the make up, so much so in fact, there was a point today when i started to worry that like the plot of an old movie, at one point it would be revealed to me in an awful and bloody way that i was in fact knocking around town with real Zombies.

DSC_1010 2_Fotor.jpg

Now it could be that the gentleman in the picture above was so keen to impress his Zombie compatriots and win the award for best or should I say worst dressed Zombie in the world, that he actually ripped out his own jawbone or perhaps the only other explanation, finding himself one day short in the lower mandible department joined the Zombie fraternity  to met a girlfriend. Not that all the Zombies were unattractive in fact in a weird Edgar Allan Poe/Arthur Conan Doyle kind of way some of them were hot if you like your dates with facial lacerations or the brains hanging out.



But there is a more serious side to todays event, it being a fundraiser to support the efforts of the (Shelter from the Storm) charity, the underlying mission of World Zombie Day to support hungry and homelessness and any money that is raised this year will go to Shelter from the Storm- London’s only free homeless shelter. Located in North London, they provide shelter and support for the homeless regardless of not receiving a single penny from the government. You can find out more details about the charity or making a donation at

CSC_1113 2_Fotor.jpg

Words Pictures David Coomber