A Walk On The Wild (life) Side

On a wet and windy Saturday afternoon, Whitehall was cheered to the sound of birdsong as the Chris Packham’s massive took to the streets of the capital with a very BBC country file type protest. A protest designed make us urban dwellers a little more aware of the impact plastic is having on the wildlife population. Its no real surprise that the Shires emptied of the good and greats in order to make the pilgrimage in support of the bird man of the beeb.


CPs Wikipedia page is plump with his achievements including the BAFTA winning children’s programme The Really Wild Show and he himself is no stranger to awards that included Doctor of Science given by the University of Southampton and Honorary Doctorate from the Royal Holloway University London. But anyone thinking that this guy is another BBC yes man would be surprised to find that he is in fact a bit of a maverick, that back in 2015 had the Countryside Alliance calling for the BBC to sack him over he’s outspoken views on highlighting the silence of many of Britain’s conservation organisations on issues like fox hunting and badger culling.


Packham also has some very strong views on over population and is on record as saying mankind is sowing the seeds of mass extinction and according to Wikipedia, he expressed this view to the Daily Mirror saying that if every woman could be emancipated birth rates would drop. This opinion of  birth rates interestingly puts him in contradiction to many so called experts that have  suggested with great authority a falling birth rate and the need for open door immigration not only in the UK but across the EU. Perhaps CP thinks over population is only a problem when it impacts wildlife.


But today’s protest was in support of wildlife and the sincerity of the hundreds of people of all ages that met in Hyde Park in the pouring rain to make a point is not in anyway in question and the issues of pollution in every aspect of life on the planet is something we can no longer ignore. Thousands of birds, seals and turtles are killed each year  by plastic bags they mistake for food and as it now looks unlikely that charging for bags has had much impact on their use, perhaps supermarkets could use the win-fall revenue they now recieve for the price of each bag to invest in a cheap biodegradable alternative.

DSC_0300 2

Whitehall is a busy place on a Saturday and noticeable only by the lack of attention, a little attended protest was taking place less then 20 yards from where CP was addressing the well attended People’s walk for wildlife. Just three people sat under a a plastic cover with a half dozen collection buckets and posters in support of British service men and women, who after returning from combat now find themselves living on the streets, many with mental health problems as a result of PTSD. Ironically now treated by the government and the general public with less concern then they would show to animals. Its a funny old world.


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