If perhaps not the most energised protest that has ever gathered at the gates of number 10, this small group is certainly in the running for the best dressed and deodorised ,the YWCA does protests type of thing. Not that their cause isn’t justified, god knows the process of making this awful food item (and i use that description food sparingly) is the work of a deranged mind. Anyone who thinks that the final taste is worth the process called gavage, of ramming pipes down the throats of ducks and geese three times a day, force-feeding  them 2.2 pounds of grain and fat directly into their stomachs to produce an extra fatty liver should try the process for themselves. In fact the very meaning of the name foie gras is french for  fatty liver, perhaps if it was labeled and marketed under the english translation it would seem less attractive to posh grub lovers.


But the point of this protest statement seems at best misdirected as it  implies that somehow the consumption of foie gras is a government directive and not a consumer choice, sadly even if our beloved PM was to hung out of the window of number 10 and pledge her undying support for the banning of the food of Satan, she would be faced with enough red tape from the EU to start her own haberdashery shop and that would have  been the case even if the EU was still our pals, which at the moment they are most certainly not.


From a consumer point of view education vie information does seem the most effective way to change the mentality of the supermarkets, as been proven with the massive decline in consumption of factory farmed chicken and the desperate advertising campaign from a certain fast food company, hoping that we are still loving it ,but realising that particular game is up and not all of us are loving it as much as we did before the film Supersize me.



As with most things in life size matters and its always a disappointment to see so few caring people protesting events that are of major concern to the majority, the thing about free speech if you don’t use it you lose it, but oddly the plight of animals in the food industry seems to resonate far more with consumers since the outbreak of mad cows disease and the general decline in health, so  as long as the message is still promoted eventually success is guaranteed if for no other reason then pure economics, if you stop buying it they will stop making it.


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