Playground revenge

I sometimes get a very  uncomfortable feeling I’m living in a parallel universe somewhere between Lala land and reality, today in Parliament Square the ultimate revenge was reaped upon our serving mayor Sadiq Khan. Several weeks ago SK endorsed by way of  protest to the visit of President Trump,  a giant  Trump blimp (how we giggled at that particular episode) suspended over the once sensible House of Commons but lately itself boasting more comic characters then the Beano. Not to be out done by that act of childishness, the Make London Safe Again campaigners unleashed their very own bikini clad Sadiq blimp in a double whammy  protest to the banning of bikini adverts of the London tube  by SK, and no less important the issue of  the capital that now boasts the murder statistics of a war zone, less safe in fact then New York with its god knows how many million guns and all of this in the short time the ex bus driver has been mayor. Now this begs the question are blimps the way forward.

Is this really what we have come too in our desire to make the evening news , any kind of protest, cheap tricks and silliness , well it works for the professionals ask Mrs May so why not. I laugh that i dare not weep.

pictures David Coomber TheFitzDSC_0921

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