Gone: a girl,a violin,a unstrung life.

Staged by the Greenwich Book Festival, today’s recital was as excellent as you would expect from a performer who at the age of just seven was proclaimed a prodigy. Min was the youngest-ever pupil at the prestigious Purcell School of Music and won her first international prize at the tender age of eleven.
But this is not a story with a happy ending in the way of a fairy tale, more a complex tragic story of love and loss.



For the average person the difference between a very good musical instrument and a exceptional one is barely discernible, to someone on the level of Kyn that difference we can only imagine to be as as vast as a chasm between purity of sound and the plan ordinary. At the age of 21 after years of performing with a number of violins she finally found an instrument to match her genius, a rare1696 Stradivarius valued today at £1.2 million. She was later quoted as saying “All my life my Stradivarius had been waiting for me, as I for her”. This intimacy goes far beyound that of a craftsperson and their tools of a trade, this was a love affair and a doomed one at that, for it was cruelly interrupted one faithful day when for the first time ever, she entrusted her soulmate  into the care, if only for a short time, to her then partner in a Pret A Manger at Euston station London, it was stolen from under the table by a opportunist thief with no idea of it’s worth both financially or emotionally.


The book is her story of the devastation this event had on her life and career, it reads like a crime novel with many twists and turns far to complex for these few lines. Without wishing to spoil the plot she did however at one point become reunited with her beloved Strad, but sadly could not afford to keep it and she eventually reluctantly  handed it over to a investor to be locked away safe from the hands of thieves and unfortunately far from the ears of  music lovers. Kym has now put the past behind her and is back to her very best, her recital in the beautiful old church of St Alfege in the heart of Greenwich complimented each other perfectly.


Gone: Min Kyn’s story is now on sale at Waterstones priced $14.99


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